Carp Fishing Casting Tips - How to Cast More Accurately

In previous articles, I've covered how to find features to fish to. Now, you need to be able to get your baits in the same spot that you found with your marker float or feature finding set up.

In this article, I will cover the best way to cast more accurately and to the same spot every time to enhance your chances of catching carp. 

How to cast to the same spot

How to Cast the Same Distance Each Time

So how exactly do you ensure you cast the same distance to the same spot every time?

The solution is fairly simple really: every carp reel is fitted with an ingenious little device called a line clip and that is how we can set our cast distances.

The idea of the line clip is that the line is clipped inside it so when you cast out, the line will only travel as far as the clip, stopping the lead at a set distance.

Reel line clip

How to Use a Line Clip to Set Casting Distance

After using your marker rod to find a nice feature or a good area to fish, you then need your hook baits to be cast to the same spot you have just found with your marker set up.

When you are happy that you have found your spot with your marker, keeping the lead still on the spot, you need to put your line in the clip and then wind in to retrieve your lead.

Now comes the tricky part: you'll have to get your hook bait set to the same distance as your marker set up.

There are basically two ways to do this. One is the old school way, still favoured by many carpers:

  1. Lay your marker rod on the ground and, if you have the space, running the line out until it reaches the clip and stops.
  2.  Place the rod with your hook bait on directly beside it with the butts sitting at the same position and run your hook bait out until it reaches the same point as your marker float.
  3. Go back to this rod put the line in the line clip and retrieve the lead, you now know that the rod you intend to fish with is set at the same distance as the rod you found your spot with.

Another way of setting your baited rod to the same distance as your marker rod is with distance or yard sticks.

This is a method used a great deal nowadays as it can be done in most swims since you only need the space of a rod length to mark out your distance.

The video below explains in detail how to use distance sticks to accurately pre-set your casting distance.

If you want the same distance sticks featured in the video above, you can view them on Amazon here.

Marking the Casting Distance on your Line

Once you have decided on your chosen method and have set your distance by clipping your line up, you’ll need to be able to set them again after you've cast out and retrieved to either land a fish or re-bait.

A simple way of doing this is marking your line after you have cast out while your line is still in the clip.

To put a mark on your line you can tie some marker elastic on your line with a marker knot right at the butt ring with the elastic.

So after you have reeled in, you would cast back out then reel it in again until the marker elastic comes back in and ends up on your butt ring like it was when you marked it the first time. All it takes now is for you to re-clip the line at this position and cast to the same spot as before.

You now know your bait is back on the spot.

Always remember to take your line out of the clip before you rest your rod on your alarms. You don’t want to be getting a screaming run with your line still in the clip!

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  1. I’m new too carp fishing and im not sure if I did what you said too do in your video, I clipped my line in the line clip and cast out and when the line got too the distance it was clipped at it snapped the line , what did I get wrong help please”.


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