Top UK Carp Fishing Bait Companies

To say your chances of catching carp without bait are rather slim would be one heck of an understatement. Bait is essential, which is exactly why an almost endless list of bait companies work to bring out an equally long list of bait innovations.

Unfortunately, not all bait and bait companies are created equally and some make much higher quality baits than others. However, that doesn’t mean you should only stick to the “big boys” some smaller brands produce excellent baits at great prices.

Over the years, I’ve experimented with a number of bait types from too many brands to count with varying results. I thought I’d include a list of some of my favourite bait companies from around the UK so you can give them a try too and see how their baits work on your local water.

Carp Fishing Bait Companies

Carp Particles UK

Carp Particles UK Logo


Location: Reading, RG1 4SQ

Carp particles UK are all about preserving waters and safeguarding the welfare of the fish. As a result, they use no chemicals in their baits and rely on 100% natural products.

If you want high-quality bait that's also environmentally-friendly, give these guys a look.

Stock: A range of natural particle, pellet, glugs, oils and dips

Recommended Products: ultimate spod mix, hemp and snails mix

CC Moore Quality Fishing Baits

CC Moore Logo


Location: Somerset, BA8 0TF

CC Moore are globally known for designing baits with one job: putting carp on the bank. They provide specialist baits aimed at giving anglers every edge possible.

Stock: boiles, pop ups, particle, base and stick mixes and a whole host more

Recommended Products: Live System range

Dynamite Baits

Dynamite baits logo


Location: Nottingham, NG12 3HG 

Dynamite baits are a huge player in the bait game. They're well known for all manner of specialist carp baits as well as everything match and coarse fishing related.

Stock: Boiles, pop ups, glugs, particles. Dynamite sell just about everything

Recommended Product: Monster Tiger Nut Red-Amo

Eclipse Baits

Eclipse baits logo


Location: Essex SS4 3JL 

Owned by experienced carp angler and bait developer, Dave Poxon who was one of the pioneers for bringing specialist carp baits to the public during the 90s.

Eclipse have a wide range of exclusive bait products and also manufacture baits for other companies around Europe, which is a testament to their quality.

They offer a pick-up service so you can save on delivery if you happen to be close by.

Stock: Boilies, pop ups, groundbaits, glugs/liquids, clothing

Recommended Product: Nut mix boilies

Mainline Baits

Mainline baits logo


Location: Billericay, Essex, CM11 1PJ

I have no doubt you'll have already heard of Mainline and have likely already tried some of their products. They're focus on providing baits that work for anglers while providing the carp with a nutritious food source has won them global acclaim.

Stock: More or less everything you could need. boilies, pop ups, base and stick mixes, hookbaits and more.

Recommended Product: Hybrid range

Proper Carp Baits

Proper carp baits logo


Location: Essex, SS7 4QR

Proper Carp Baits is run by a pair of experienced anglers in Jon McAllister and Sean Leveret.

They've put their focus into creating highly-attractive and digestible baits that the carp instinctively crave due to the nutritious ingredients used.

Stock: boilies, pop ups, hardened hook baits, pastes and liquids

Recommended Product: Black Seal range

SAS Baits

SAS baits logo


Location: Suffolk, IP5 2EG 

SAS, or Sawyer and Sons, is a family-run business that has been developing and testing carp baits since 2009.

Their product range isn't as big or diverse as some of the other companies on the list but the quality is right up there.

Stock: Boilies, wafters, pop-ups, boosted hard hookers, glugs

Recommended Product: Arctic Krill Boilies

Tails Up

Tails up bait logo


Location: Waltham, CM3 1AY

Tails up produce high-standard freshly frozen baits that have been tested by real anglers.

Their testing team is fairly large and I like that it features anglers with varying goals and fishing styles, not simply pro big-fish anglers. They also don't "pay" their testers or reviewers with free bait, they all pay to use it.

Stock: Boilies, pop ups, wafters, oils, glugs and dips

Recommended Product: Pro Seed Fresh Frozen

UK Bait Company

UK bait company logo


Location: Essex, CM14 5RE

UK bait company are a very customer-serviced focused outfit. The team does their best to fulfill any requests you may have.

They provide both ready-made bates as well as an extensive range of ingredients. I've found their baits and ingredients to be well-priced and high-quality.

Stock: Boilies, pop-ups, pellet, glugs, additives 

Recommended Product: Pro Evolution Shelf-life Boilies

Urban Bait

Urban Bait Logo


Location: Kent, DA18 4AB

Over 3 decades of research and development have gone into Urban Bait's product ranges. Owner, Terry Dempsey develops his baits for his own personal use before releasing the "winners" to the public via Urban Baits.

Here's the 3 promises they make:

  • A Carp bait that will give you a reliable and consistent catch rate at an affordable price.

  • A natural blend of ingredients, flavours and colourings, which will attract the Carp in droves so you can spend more time improving on your personal best catch than ever before.

  • A proven bait that has been field tested by some of the UK’s most experienced and successful anglers.

Stock: Boilies, pop ups, glugs, additives

Recommended Product: Strawberry Nutcracker, Tuna and garlic boilies

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