Best Carp Fishing Books - 5 Top Books for Carp Anglers

If you want to get better at something, you should always be learning. The moment you think you know it all is the moment you stagnate. The same is true for carp angling; if you want to improve and become better at this game, you should be open to learning more whenever possible.

We’re lucky today that the access to information is certainly not sparse. You can find a wealth of knowledge on almost any subject with a palm-sized device. However, I still believe in books being one of the best ways to increase your knowledge on a given topic.

The benefit books have is that they’re usually organised volumes of information covering a specific subject in great depth. You don’t need to piece together multiple YouTube videos, the information is all laid out nicely for you in ordered chapters.

For this reason, I thought I’d put together an article highlighting what I feel are some of the most interesting and helpful carp fishing books available at the moment.

Below is a list of what I deem to be the 5 best carp fishing books for both entertainment and learning purposes. Why not pick up a couple and read them on the bank during your next session?

Best Carp Fishing Books

5 Top Books for Carp Anglers to Read

This is the third and latest book from probably the most controversial but also one of the very best carp anglers in the country.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Jim on a number of occasions, he is always honest, straight-talking and direct to the point but he is always willing to share his carp fishing tips with others.

Jim actually wrote nearly all of this book bankside and, after spending hundreds of hours on it, the finished book it was finally complete.

In the book he invites you to take a look inside his life as an angler detailing his highs and lows over the last few years.

This is another great read from one of the country’s most prolific carp anglers. Jim, if you didn’t already know, always says it like he sees it and this can certainly make for some entertaining reading.

Jim Shelley Carping After Cut

My next choice is A Flick Of The Tale by the man himself Dave Lane. I am confident in saying nearly every carp angler you talk to will of heard of Dave Lane.

Dave lives fairly close to myself so I’ve met him on a few occasions so I’m pleased to say he’s a top bloke as well as a super-knowledgeable and successful angler .

Dave is without a shadow of doubt one of the country's top carp anglers, which is why he has worked alongside some of the biggest names in the industry as a product consultant.

A Flick Of The Tale follows on from Dave’s first book, An Obsession With Carp, and covers all of his big-fish endeavours since first setting foot on The Mere in 1997 up to the capture of the incredible Black Mirror in 2004, which happened to be Dave's fifth UK carp over 50 lbs.

The book is filled with stories and the writing really makes you feel like you’re there on the bank, too. It is also filled with some fantastic photos and is sure to inspire and entertain you.

Overall, it’s an excellent read packed with information and vivid accounts of his carp fishing exploits, all written and portrayed in Dave's unique and humorous fashion.

Dave Lane a Flick of the Tale

I’m a big fan of Terry Hearn and found this book seriously fascinating.

The book covers Terry's carping adventures from his early Yateley days before moving on to Wraysbury and a new British record, the "secret" mere, right up until his capture of "two tone" from Conningbrook at over fifty pounds.

The book astounds by recollecting the attention to detail and willingness Terry had to catch some of the UK's most sought after carp. 

There are some gems of knowledge to be gained by I would say this book is much more about the inspiration of what Terry managed to achieve.

Terry Hearn In Pursuit of the Largest

If you have ever seen or heard of Chris yates, you’ll probably know he is one of the most old school anglers you are ever likely to encounter. He tends to prefer a light tackle and stalking method when it comes to catching his carp.

Chris is also an author, photographer and broadcaster who held the British record at 51.5lbs during the 1980s. He’s a great angler with a funny and intriguing persona that definitely adds to interest to this book.

The Secret Carp “tells the true story of the events of a single day and night beside an English carp lake in high summer. When he stumbled upon a long-neglected, overgrown lake holding some monster carp, Chris Yates knew that he had discovered the kind of place about which every carp angler dreams. He set about trying to catch the huge, elusive inhabitants with rod and line. It was a quest that was to reveal many insights into the secretive behaviour of this king of freshwater fish and bring him thrillingly into contact with his quarry.”

A fantastic, at times suspenseful and dramatic, read by one of fishing’s old school greats who never really bothered with the fancies of the very latest kit and technology. Even so, Chris Yates could still catch big fish!

Chris Yates the Secret Carp

Ali Hamidi is a well known carp angler probably known best for being one of Korda's top anglers and presenters on their fishing shows and DVDs.

Ali is a keen, down to earth carp angler with masses of experience and an expert approach to his carp angling.

This book takes you on a journey all over the carp fishing world with chapters written on places such as Paris, Japan, Turkey and Ockendon.

This book was written to influence and inspire the working angler whilst also giving you a laugh along the way.

It includes behind-the-scenes stories, the truth about filming and delivering under pressure as well as an in-depth look at the technical side of how Ali managed to land some of his greatest fishing successes.

As a result of the unique circumstances Ali often faces, he has had to become far more innovative and tactile than many anglers would conceive of becoming. As a result he has some truly unique insights that he passes on to the reader in this book.

If  you have limited fishing time but still want to catch specimen carp, this book has been written for you. 

Maybe you’re embarking on your first angling trip abroad and need some advice to make your adventure as successful as possible despite not knowing the lake at all. Whatever your angling problems, this book may contain the keys to solving them. I’m certain you’ll find some golden nuggets of wisdom to put to use inside it.

Ali Hamidi The Carpers High

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