Best Bivvy Under £200 for Carp Fishing

Carp fishing bivvies can run from around £50 all the way up to around the £1000 mark. You do pay a premium for quality, which is why this article isn't about bargain-bin bivvies.

But for around the £200 mark there are some excellent bivvies available that are perfect for anglers who can't justify spending multiple hundreds on a shelter.

If you're in need of a new bivvy but don't fancy spending a fortune, this article will give you a few excellent options for what I feel are the best bivvies under £200 (at the time of writing).

If you have a bit of a larger budget, you can view my Best Bivvy Article Here.

Best Bivyy Under £200

Carp Base Top Pick!

TF Gear Banshee Extreme Bivvy

​Fully waterproof
Storm peak
Mozzi net supplied
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Fox Eos Bivvy

8,000mm hydrostatic head
Lightweight groundsheet
Pram-hood design
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JRC Defender Bivvy Closed

​5,000mm hydrostatic head
Reinforced pegging points
Velcro groundsheet
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Chub Outkast Bivvy Open Front

​10,000mm hydrostatic head
Internal storage pockets
Large peak design
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Best Bivvy Under £200 - Bivvy Reviews

TF Gear Banshee Extreme Bivvy

Carp Base Under £200 Bivvy Top Pick!

TF Gear Banshee Extreme Bivvy


Fully waterproof
Rapid-erect pram hood
Features a storm peak
Strong, sturdy poles
Includes mosquito mesh
Rear vents for air flow
Available as 1 or 2-man

The TF Gear Banshee Extreme Bivvy represents versatility at a great price.

Heavy duty materials, full waterproofing and a full set of doors means it will keep you warm and dry in the winter.

While venting for enhanced air flow and an included mozzi net also mean you'll be prepeared for the warmer months, too.

TF Gear Banshee Extreme Bivvy Mesh Doors

The design of the bivvy is well thought out with a quick-erect pram style hood that makes the bivvy simple to set up. A real plus for those sessions when, of course, it pours down just as you arrive on the bank.

Overall, the Banshee Extreme is a solid bivvy with some very nice features. Another plus is you get the choice of a 1 or 2-man model and both are still below £200. Since they are so close in price, I would opt for the 2-man version.

Fox Eos Bivvy

Fox Eos Bivvy


8,000mm hydrostatic head
2-rib pram-hood design
Storm peak
Durable, breathable polyester
2-way letterbox door
Mesh paneling
Includes lightweight groundsheet
Heavy duty pegs

Fox have been producing top-class shelters over the years and the Fox Eos Bivvy is no exception.

This bivvy is another one with a pram-hood design and a storm peak. alongside the 8,000mm hydrostatic head rated fabric, you should have no trouble keeping dry on the bank.

The clever 2-way letterbox door means you can keep yourself dry without sacrificing airflow and a view outside the bivvy.

Fox Eos Bivvy Letterbox Door

Additionally, sturdy full frame support poles will also have you covered should the wind pick up, which will provide some added comfort in the unpredictable British weather.

As a handy little bonus, Fox have also added two straps for your rods to the front of the shelter to secure a marker or spod rod when not in use.

The Eos bivvy was originally designed for anglers on tighter budgets but the features Fox have included and build quality don't suggest this at all. Overall, another great value bivvy for less than £200!

JRC Defender Bivvy

JRC Defender Bivvy Closed


5,000mm hydrostatic head
Lightweight Velcro-secured groundsheet
Reinforced pegging points
2-way letterbox style door
Rod straps
3 door window options: green, clear, mesh
Rear air vents

The JRC Defender Bivvy is available in one or two man with a 5,000mm hydrostatic head, which isn't as high as other bivvies on this list but still offers decent waterproofing.

The Defender does come with a lightweight, Velcro-secured groundsheet for added insulation and comfort.

The rear of the bivvy has some vents to help promote air flow, which I'm always particularly grateful during summer nights.

JRC have also added reinforced pegging points to take away the worry of a pegging point failing due to constant use or pressure at the pegging point in high winds

This bivvy offers 3 different "window" presentation styles (green, clear PVC and mosquito mesh) so you can quickly adjust it to suit your needs.

JRC Defender Bivvy Open Front

On nicer days, you can even open the front right out to enjoy the weather.

Like the Eos bivvy, there are Velcro rod straps at the front for securing your rods when not in use or for holding them while you set your rigs up.

I keep saying this but the JRC Defender is another bivvy I couldn't believe was priced below £200. Even the 2-man model is below our £200 budget, which is the otion I would go for to allow some extra bedchair and tackle space.

Chub Outkast Bivvy

Chub Outkast Bivvy Open Front


10,000 hydrostatic head rating
Side panels with mosquito net
Mosquito net door
Transparent window
Unique back draft ventilation system
Full zip-out front
Lightweight groundsheet
2 internal mesh storage pockets
Includes large carry bag

The standout feature of the Chub Outkast is its huge waterproof rating at 10,000mm hydrostatic head, which makes it the highest rating out of all our sub-£200 bivvies.

The construction of the bivvy itself also impresses with a large peak at the front and sturdy 2-rib design, which is also very simple to set up and packs away to be nice and compact.

A lightweight groundsheet is included for extra comfort and insulation. During the warmer weather, Chub's unique back draft ventilation system enhances air flow through the bivvy.

Chub Outkast Bivvy Closed Back Panel
Chub Outkast Bivvy Open Back Panel

The Outkast really is quite a versatile bivvy with a number of configurations available. The front opens out fully, the back panel also opens and the can be either letterbox or barn door style.

I would say this is probably the most versatile bivvy on the entire list. The main reason it doesn't take the "top-pick" spot is due to it only just creeping under our £200 budget and only being available as a 1-man option for that price.

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