Best Carp Landing Net - Buying Guide & Net Reviews

Amongst the variety of tackle you own one of the most important pieces of kit should be your landing net as without it you won't be able to land your fish, and get it on the bank for that all important trophy picture.

Obviously, a landing net is a crucial piece of carp fishing gear so choosing a good one should be high on your list of priorities. Unfortunately, not all landing nets and their handles are up to scratch.

To help you make the right choice and pick the best carp landing net you can afford, I have put together a simple buying guide as well as some mini reviews and suggestions on what I feel are the top landing nets currently available.

Considerations When Buying a Landing Net for Carp


In general landing nets will range from around 32 inches up to 50 inches. The most common size is a 42 inch landing net since this is a size that you’ll find most carp fisheries in the UK allow.

Handle Style

Of course, you’ll want a strong and sturdy handle to allow more control over the net and easier fish landing. 

The handle length is also important as you need to have enough reach to land a fish. On the other hand, a shorter handle length might be required for stalking carp or fishing in tighter swims.

A handle length of around 6 feet is a good option for the majority of anglers. It is worth noting that some landing nets have a handle included, whereas others just sell the net assembly on its own.

Mesh Type

Buying a net with a high-quality, soft mesh helps to protect the fish from damage as you remove them from the lake. Most landing nets from well-renowned brands will include a soft, protective mesh.


Most carp anglers make use of a large amount of large, heavy equipment so saving space where you can is a big deal. Some landing net handles come in multiple piece or even telescopic designs to make storage and carrying them easier. The nets themselves can often be rolled away for storage as well.

Best Carp Landing Nets - Net Reviews

To save you some time and make life easier for you, I've done the research and found what I believe to be the best carp landing nets you can currently buy. I've taken into consideration the points above as well as different budgets to try and ensure at least one of the nets on the list will appeal to almost every angler.

I've included a mini write-up of each net with my own opinions but you'll be able to use the factors mentioned earlier to go through the list and pick out the landing net that best suits your needs, budget and personal taste.

A very nice little net from NGT and very well-priced. Comes in at good sized 42” so up to most fishery requirements.

Features a metal spreader block for added strength with 2 added net floats to prevent the net sinking when playing a fish towards it.

For beginner carp anglers and those on a tight budget, this will probably be the one to go for.

NGT specimen carp landing net

Another 42” net made from soft mesh for ultimate fish protection. Features a 2-piece 6ft carbon handle, which gives great strength and durability whilst being very lightweight.

Comes with an aluminum spreader block, which again reduces the overall weight and also offers anti corrosion,

Complete with net bag to stow away that sometimes damp stinky net.


This neat little landing net from Nash comes as the standard 42” and boasts a telescopic handle that retracts down to 44” yet will extend up to 6tf 2”.

It offers a moulded fast-fit spreader block with isotope slots. When isotopes are added you have the extra benefit of the net being more visible at night, which is a real help.

Nash dwarf landing net

This net from JRC has been designed with the mobile angler in mind. The compact and lightweight design means it would be perfect for the angler who likes to get out and stalk those carp. However, it is also a great net for those who prefer to stick to their swim. You get the best of both worlds here.

Available in a green or black soft mesh with a 2-piece lightweight carbon handle, a 42” net head with durable non stretch tension cord and a heavy duty spreader block, this net ticks all the boxes for multiple fishing styles.

JRC stealth landing net

Top Pick for the Best Carp Landing Net to Buy

When it comes to the best overall landing net for carp fishing, the JRC Stealth Landing net would be my recommendation. I like the idea that JRC had the mobile angler in mind when they designed a net as it opens up more options when fishing.

The over-sized spreader block is also a big plus for me due to the increased strength it offers and ease of use when inserting and dismantling the net arms.

The carbon handle will cut down weight and being 2 piece it is suited to boat use should you ever need to land a carp from a boat. As I said, this net really does open up more fishing possibilities as it is great in multiple situations while still being strong and well-made.

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