Best Fishing Head Torch to Buy

A good head torch or at least a head torch is an absolute must for the night angler. Not only for safety but life at night is so much easier with a head torch. Any task that requires 2 hands is near impossible if you’re relying on a standard handheld torch.

I’ve previously reviewed the best bivvy lights but I would argue that a head torch is probably even more important since it can be used both in and outside your bivvy.

I’ve done a bit of research around some of the most popular head torches currently available and have come up with my list of the best head torches for fishing. These are all great devices but there should be at least one on the list that fits your needs and budget close enough to make your decision a no-brainer.

Best Fishing Head Torch for Carp Anglers

Best Head Torches for Fishing - Product Reviews

Key Features

Triple high powered LED output

Twin colour, variable brightness: 50-200 lumens

5 beam options to suit all situations: low white/green, medium white/green, high white

Simple push button control EUIPO registered design

Charge time: 4-5 hours

Battery life: up to 90 hours (depending on setting)

Ridgemonkey VHR300 head torch


Ridgemonkey seem to be producing an ever-growing array of fishing accessories aimed mainly at the carp angler and are becoming very popular indeed.

Most of their gear is of a high-quality and that can be said for the VHR300 Fishing Head Torch 

Although it is on the more pricey side, I really like the Ridgemonkey VHR300 Fishing Head Torch; it boasts some noteworthy features.

Firstly, the fact it can be put on any way up is good and you won’t be fumbling around for the power button as there is 1 on each side of the torch.

The USB rechargeable feature is a bonus for me too. I really do dislike having to carry spare batteries.

The 18 position 90 degree tilt function and 5 beam options is a nice little feature this should enable the torch to adapt to most required situations. This is rounded off with a twin colour output and variable brightness levels.

If you want a great head torch for fishing, this one from Ridgemonkey is not going to disappoint you as long as you don't mind spending a bit more than some of the other options on this list.

Key Features

Lightweight and comfortable Energizer Vision HD+ Focus LED Headlamp works with 3 Energizer MAX AAA batteries (batteries included)

85m beam reach with 315 lumens output thanks its LED technology

5 light modes: high, low, full spot, full flood, and night vision (red)

Adjustable beam focus

Damage resistance from drops up to 1 meter high

IPX4 water-resistance

Runs for up to 6 hours in high mode

Energizer VHR300 Head Light


This little torch from Energizer is compact, lightweight and simple to use. It comes with some Energizer batteries to get you started, which is a bit of a downside for myself since I prefer a rechargeable head torch.

The inclusion of 5 different light modes was a bit of a surprise, albeit a welcome one, at the low price point of this torch. They even included night-vision red mode for moving around the bank in the dark.

The digital focus of this LED headlight also allows you to seamlessly transition from spotlight to full flood light, which gives you the ability to choice between illuminating tighter or widespread areas.

Finally, It seems simple but I like the memory recall feature that lets you quickly return to working with the last focus setting you used before powering off. I've had many torches and other lights without this kind of feature and continuously cycling through settings get tedious very quickly.

While it won't present you with as many features as a more pricey torch and doesn't feel or look as rugged, the Energizer HD Focus is great for those on a tight budget or who only night fish on the odd occasion.

Key Features

Compact and lightweight: just 86 g

Long burn time

Single button for quick and easy light mode selection

3 lighting modes: proximity, movement and distance vision

Red lighting aids night vision and prevents you blinding others

Phosphorescent reflector for locating the lamp in the dark

Hybrid headlamp: Comes with 3 standard batteries and is compatible with the Petzl core rechargeable battery

Petzl Tactikka in camo


The Petzl Tactikka Headlamp is a very neat, compact and lightweight torch, with some solid features from a extremely well-established brand in this industry.

The light is pretty bright for such a small torch at 250 lumens. Even with such a bright light, the torch still offers a long burn time.

As well the all important night mode red light for fishing in the dark, it has the ability to switch between proximity and focused lighting depending on what you're doing.

What I particularly liked about this torch is the fact that it is a Hybrid, meaning it takes both standard batteries as well as the Petzl Core rechargeable battery turning it into a rechargeable head torch. However, this will take it up into the higher price bracket of the head torches I've included here but I can see the convenience of being able to use both types of batteries with the lamp.

Petzl have huge experience in the head torch market and it shows through the quality of all their products. That same quality is seen here. The drawback on a personal note for me is the cost of making it a rechargeable head torch. I think other rechargeable options match up to this at a cheaper price.

Key Features

Hands Free, motion sensor operation for on and off

120 hours run time with 3 AAA batteries

IPX6 waterproof rating

Storage pouch included

Red light and SOS light options

Adjustable beam angle

PathBrite Head Torch


The PathBrite Head Torch may come from a lesser-known brand but it is still is a nice torch with a solid construction and some features that compete with the higher-end torches. It also has one extra feature up its' sleeve, which is the main reason I wanted to include it: Motion sensor on/off controls.

This means the torch can be set to a "hands free" mode where a simple hand wave in front of it will switch it on and off. I thought this was a rather interesting and potentially handy (or not. Ba Dum Tss!) feature.

Themotion sensor feature could be put to use when wearing gloves that make it difficult to feel and operate buttons. I can also see it being useful in the dark. You don't need to fumble around finding the buttons, just wave your hand in the general direction of the torch and on it comes.

On top of all the above, the pricing is quite considerable as well. If you want a good value head torch with decent performance and/or are intrigued by the sensor switch, get this one.

My Recommendation for The Best Fishing Head Torch to Buy

I have my own personal set of criteria when I search for a new head torch: rechargeable, night mode (red or green) and an adjustable beam. I find that the £30 mark usually gets me a good torch that meets the criteria above. In which case, the PathBrite Head Torch would be the choice.

Of course, everybody has different needs and budgets so I wanted to make a couple of suggestions here.

If you're looking for the best value light that does everything you need it to do as an angler, go for the PathBrite Motion Sensor Head Torch

If you have a larger budget and want to go for the very best head torch with the most features, purchase the Ridgemonkey VHR300 Fishing Head Torch.

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