Best Bivvy Table to Buy for Carp Fishing

Although it may not be the most exciting or advanced piece of kit you’ll take with you to the bank, a bivvy table can still be one of the most useful and convenient items to have.

They allow you to organise your sleeping area a bit and give you a nice surface to take care of tasks like rig tying from the comfort of your bivvy.

I know they’re not exactly complicated so choosing a good bivvy table takes no where near as much consideration as choosing a set of bite alarms. However, I thought it would still be helpful to include a list of what I feel are the best bivvy tables available to buy.

If you’re in the market for a new bivvy table, the hope is that the list below will make the decision a bit easier for you so be sure to give it a quick skim through before parting with your hard-earned.

Best Bivvy Tables

Carp Base Top Bivvy Tables

The Warrior bivvy table is designed to provide storage and accessibility for frequently used tackle items during a session. It allows you to be organised and uncluttered, keeping things such as tackle boxes and rig tools close to hand. 

The table is thin yet remains robust and has a resistant powder coated finish. The table also features extendable, folding legs and has cutaway corners, which aid with keeping the surface clean. 

As an added bonus, it comes with a storage bag.

This is the table I'm currently using myself and the only drawback I could really state is that it does wobble a bit when the legs are fully extended. Other than that, it's an excellent table.

Fox warrior bivvy table

This NGT is a basic, no thrills bivvy table but that doesn't mean its poor quality and it certainly still does the job.

The table is a simple aluminium table, which makes it lightweight. It has a raised lip on the edges to prevent item rolling off and the legs are foldable for more compact storage.

If you want a basic table that is easy on the wallet, this one from NGT will be worth taking a look at.

NGT carp fishing bivvy table

From the no thrills NGT table to an all-the-thrills option from the same company.

This presents a slightly different option and is designed as an entire storage system rather than simply a table.

Of course, it can still be used as a standard table, which is simple to erect and features adjustable, folding legs.

However, it also includes a large attachable tackle bag with various pockets, compartments and smaller bags for organising your gear.

It all folds up nicely into a briefcase style carry bag for compact, nest storage and transport.

It is a novel idea and will be very appealing to many anglers. I do like it but, if you already have a good tackle bag or box, this may all be a bit unnecessary for you.

NGT Table System 2

This one is your budget option. It is very cheap, especially for a table with a fairly sturdy design and folding legs. The legs also have rubberised feet to stop the table slipping around.

Be warned, the table is not height adjustable despite the Amazon description stating it to be so.

This is another basic, budget-option table that presents an alternative style option to the other budget table on my list from NGT and is actually even cheaper.

Leeda specimen bivvy table

Best Fishing Bivvy Table - Final Recommendation

My favourite table listed above and, like I mentioned, the one I currently use and have been using for a while now is the Fox Warrior Table

If you want a cheaper table then I've listed 2 more budget-friendly options that are both worth considering. If you're choosing between these 2, the decision is likely going to come down to which one you prefer the look of since they vary slightly in design. My pick for the best budget option would be the NGT Table.

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