Best Carp Fishing Rod Pod for 2021

Best Rod Pod for Carp Rods Top Pick

1. 🏆 JRC Cocoon Rod Pod 🏆

Reason: An excellent mix of quality and value!

Of course, when you're fishing for carp, you need somewhere sturdy to hold your rods as you wait for a run and the chance to net a cracker. There are a couple of options for holding your rods and bite alarms and one very popular one is to use a rod pod.

A rod pod is very similar to a classic rod rest but is slightly more advanced in nature and caters for multiple rods and your alarms instead of just a single one.

The aim of this article is to guide you through a few of the decisions you need to make when selecting a rod pod for carp fishing. I have also gone on and put out a few recommendations to help make it even easier to select best carp fishing rod pod for your angling needs.

Best Carp Fishing Rod Pod

GUIDE: Features to Look For in a Good Carp Rod Pod

Before I get on to outlining my top picks for the best rod pod, I feel it is important to give you a quick list of variables to keep in mind and consider when buying your rod pod.

Use the info below as well as my recommendations to select the rod pod that best suits your needs.


For most, a lightweight rod pod is more desirable as this greatly cuts down on the weight you have to carry to your swim. Just because a rod pod is lightweight, that doesn't make it sub-par when it comes to quality. A pod from a good manufacturer will combine both a lightweight and durable design.

 Construction and Materials

The majority of rod pods are made from aluminium with ABS plastic at the adjusting points.

There are also rod pods available constructed from stainless steel making them fairly heavy but also very strong. For most people, a high-quality rod pod made from aluminium will be the best choice.


A rod pod that has multiple adjustment points will enable you to set up on almost all types and level of ground. You should look for a rod pod with fully height and length with individually adjustable legs if possible.


Of course, you will want a rod pod that accommodates the size rods you are using so you can get your butt ring behind your alarm and still have the butt of your rod secured properly at the other end of the rod pod. This is where the adjustable nature mentioned previously comes in handy.


A rod pod that is fairly compact or folds down to a small size is a great space-saver and makes transporting your gear that little bit easier. You'll already be carrying quite a few large pieces of equipment so saving space where possible is always a good idea.

Rod Pod vs Bank Sticks

Another very popular piece of kit for holding your rods during a session are bank sticks, which are used in a similar way to a rod pod but have no cross-piece joining them together as pictured below.

rods on bank sticks

Both rod pods and bank sticks have some key advantages and disadvantages over each other. However, these usually depend on the fishing situation you find yourself in.

The rod pod enables an angler to set their rods up on any ground surface, some pods offer higher levels of adjustability to accommodate use on uneven terrain.

They are also very quick and easy to set up. For multiple rods, you only have to set it up once whereas you'll be setting up your bank sticks individually for each rod.

There are a couple of potential downsides to the use of rod pods. Firstly, it isn't unheard of for a big fish to pull a rod pod into the water during a run. With a study rod pod that allows to feet to sink into the ground this shouldn't be a problem.

In my opinion the main disadvantage to a pod is just that all the rods have to be set very close to each other. Therefore, if you want to fish different areas of the lake then the lines will run off at quite acute angles.

Alternatively, even if you do choose to fish all your rods directly out in front of you, when you hook into a fish there is a hazard of the fish running across your other lines since they're so close together.

Bank sticks are a very sturdy option since they need to be pushed into the ground. Once a bank stick has been pushed into the ground its sturdiness and stability is far superior to any rod pod, so you can rest assured provided your butt ring is in front of your alarm there is virtually no risk of your rod being pulled in the water by that big fish.

Unfortunately, this presents an issue: if you happen to fish a lake where the swims feature a wooden platform design, you will be unable to push your bank sticks into the wood.

They can also be troublesome at the height of summer when the ground is often rock hard. Trying to push a bank stick into the firm ground is no easy task.

On the other hand, a major benefit of bank sticks is you are almost unlimited to the distance you can space them out, which allows you to position your rods wherever you need them to fish different areas of a lake.

At the end of the day, both are perfectly viable options and your choice of a rod pod or bank sticks will largely come down to your own preferences.

Best Rod Pod for Carp Fishing - Top 3 Rod Pod Reviews

The 3 rod pods selected below are all excellent options and will serve you well. However, there are some differences in features and price tag so this is where you'll need to decide which of the 3 suits your needs the best. To help, I've done a quick review/overview of each one.

The new Horizon duo pod is an upgrade from the original Horizon pod. The duo features is available as a 3 or 4-rod buzz bar set up with a 2-rod bar available separately.

The pod features all brass thread fittings. This means there will be no corrosion on threaded parts where the alarms are attached.

It also has 2 karabiner mounting points to tie down the pod giving even more stability in the event of a vicious take from a running fish. 

It also features a new rubber bumper on the head moulding to eliminate damage to your swinger/hangers or the pod when they become detached from the line and drop down.

Click here to view this rod pod on Amazon.

Fox Horizon rod pod


Very sturdy pod

Good adjustment options to accommodate different size rods

Twin center rail design for extra stability


Higher priced than others on the list

The cocoon pod is very versatile and can be adjusted to suit most of the fishing situations you might find yourself in.

It is built with over-sized cam levers for easy adjustment and maximum force distribution.

A countersunk screw system has been added for easy alignment of bite alarms.

The finish is excellent and is complimented with a decent, padded carry bag.

Click here to view this rod pod on amazon.

JRC cocoon rod pod


A high-quality finish and attention to detail

Quality padded carry case included

Fully adjustable, height, length and leg angle

Easy to assemble


Not the most compact when packed away in the case

Seems a little unsteady when legs are fully extended

The NGT nomadic compact pod is, as the name suggests, a very compact pod that packs down nice and small so will fit comfortably in most tackle bags.

It features a fixed and an adjustable buzz bar to enable your rods to be positioned close together or further apart as desired.

It comes complete with 6 adjustable bank stick:s 2 large, 2 medium and 2 small, which gives an added layer of versatility to the setup of the pod.

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NGT Nomadic rod pod


Folds away to be very compact

Comes with 6 bank sticks

Easy to assemble

Extremely well priced


Carry bag a little on the small side making packing away difficult

Could do with a little more length extension to accommodate longer rods

Final Thoughts and Rod Pod Recommendations

JRC cocoon Rod Pod - Good combination of price tag and quality. (Carp Base Top Pick!)

Fox Horizon Duo - Best for overall build quality and durability.

NGT Nomadic Compact Pod - Excellent value. Definitely the best budget option.

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