Best Bedchair for Carp Fishing

Particularly for night fishing carp angler, a bedchair is a key piece of equipment. You'll want to make sure your warm and comfortable enough to get a decent bit of sleep in between landing some carp (we hope!).

For this reason, it is important to spend a bit of time considering what kind of bedchair is the best for your needs and budget. As is the case with most carp gear these days, there's an almost endless number of bedchairs available to buy and it can be almost impossible to research each of them.

Luckily, I've done the research for you and come up with what I believe are 3 excellent bedchairs that will each appeal to a slightly different buyer. I've also put together a quick guide on some factors you should consider when deciding which bedchair is best for your carp angling.

In case your impatient or strapped for time....

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The section below will present you with a few things to bear in mind as you read the product reviews below and make your decision on which bedchair to buy. Feel free to skip and scroll down to the bedchair reviews if you just want to know which chair I recommend.

How to Choose the Best Bedchair - 5 things to consider

1. Comfort Features

This seems like the obvious place to start. Of course, you need to be comfortable when your sleeping and you don't want to spend days nursing aches and pains after each angling session caused by a poorly designed bedchair.

The matress on the bedchair is the key factor when it comes to comfort. The higher-quality chairs feature more padded mattresses and are made of more comfortable material such as a soft foam. The length of the mattress will also need to be considered for taller anglers.

For even further comfort, look out for bedchairs that include support for your lower back and neck. 

As you might expect, more comfort usually means more expense so might need to scaler back how indulgent you want to be with your comfort levels if you're on a budget.

2. Weight

When night fishing, you'll undoubtedly be taking a large amount of fairly bulky gear with you. Due to its purpose, your bedchair will probably be one of the more cumbersome pieces of equipment you'll be taking. However, that doesn't mean it needs to be too heavy.

Where possible, you should try and cut down on weight without sacrificing build-quality. When it comes to bedchairs, the weight is generally a result of the frame material.

A steel frame will often be cheaper but also much heavier than an alloy frame. If you can afford to go with a lighter alloy frame then I would certainly suggest doing so.

3. Stability

Having a stable bed underneath you contributes to both comfort and safety so it's an important factor.

Generally, the stability of a bed will come down to the number of legs, the size of the feet and the adjustability of both the legs and feet.

The more legs a bedchair has, the more stable it will be overall. The higher number of legs also means a higher level of adjustability. A bedchair with 6 legs offers great stability but is likely going to cost you more than one with just 3 or 4.

The mud feet on the end of the legs aid stability by providing a larger area of contact with the ground. For even an even more stable footing, some mud feet have holes in them where pegs can be inserted to really keep your bedchair in position.

4. Size

Size is a consideration for both your carrying capacity and comfort. It goes without saying that you need a big enough bed for your height and overall size so do check this before making a purchase.

It's important to ensure the mattress itself is big enough not just the overall dimension of the bed's surface. It can be tempting to go out and buy the very biggest bed available, which is fine as long as it fits in your car, on your barrow and you can carry it with all your other gear.

5. Materials and Finish

Many budget beds will be manufactured from inferior quality materials, which detract from both comfort and usage life. I definitely believe it is better to spend a little more on a bedchair that is going to last a long while than to try and save a few quid initially, only to be replacing your new bedchair next year.

The finish on the fram, while it might not seem too important, is another factor that lends to the longevity of your bed's life. A quality bedchair is likely to be finished with a durable powder coating instead of a simple paint. The powder coated frames are much more resistant to scratching and chipping.

The 5 points above should have given you some extra things to think about before you decide on a bedchair for yourself. In an effort to make your decision that much easier, I've used these 5 factors as part of my criteria to decide upon 3 bedchairs that I feel are worth considering for different reasons.

The idea is that you can use the information above as well as your personal requirements, such as budget, to make your choice from one of my recommendations below or from another of the hundreds of available options.

The Best Bedchair for Carp Fishing - Bedchair Reviews

The Nash ss3 5 season bedchair is marketed as a "complete sleep system", which means the compatible sleeping bag is also includd in the package.

In actual fact, the "sleeping bag" isn't a traditional sleeping bag at all. It is essentially two individual duvets that attach to the bed by crash zips. This prevents the bag being dragged with you when you need to get up for a carp run in the night.

The double duvet approach also allows for more temperature-control options. 

Click here to view the Nash SS3 on Amazon

Nash SS3 bedchair


 Dual layer duvets for temperature control.

 Oversized mud feet for stability.

 Removable luxury mattress.

 Trademark air mesh panel in bed for enhanced air flow.

 Baffles in duvet to aid in heat retention and faster warm-up.  


High price tag

Final Verdict:

All-in-all, this is a superb bedchair made from high-quality materials with a lot of extra comfort features, which is why I've picked it as the overall best bedchair.

It is the most expensive of the 3 I've included in this article but you won't have to spend money on a sleeping bag. If you can afford the price tag, I'm sure you won't be disappointed with this one. 

Click here to view the Nash SS3 on Amazon

The TF Gear Flat Out beds have been designed to give pressure relief, comfort and support exactly where your body needs it, making your carp fishing sleeping experience as pleasant as possible.

The flat out bed uses high-quality fabrics and fillings that have been designed to help with temperature regulation. The frames are also strong, rated up to 25 stone and made out of an alloy so they are light as well.

Click here to view the TF Gear Flat Out Bed on Amazon

TF Gear Flat Out bedchair


Comfortable mattress.

Includes a matching pillow.

Highly adjustable legs.

Alloy Frame (strong and lightweight).

Rated to 25 stone weight capacity.


No straps to keep it in place when folded.

Final Verdict:

This bed has a decent amount of comfort features and the added pillow is definitely a bonus. The frame is also lightweight and sturdy, which makes this bedchair a more than viable option for many anglers.

The unfortunate point for this bed is that it has just been compared to the Nash one above so it is always going to look inferior next to that one. However, if you don't need all of the features that the Nash bed offers (for example, if you only fish for a single night at a time) or you don't want to spend as much then this TF gear bedchair should do you just fine. 

Click here to view the TF Gear Flat Out Bed on Amazon

The Cyprinus Flatpack bedchair is the cheapest of the 3 reviewed here so is obviously the choice for the budget-conscious angler. With that being said, the bed is still a solid bit of kit with a weight capacity of 125 KG (19.6 stone) whilst weighing only 7 KG itself.

There are no sleeping bags or pillows included and it doesn't boast the thickest mattress but it does offer good lumbar support and body weight distribution, which aids comfort.

It is also quick and easy to use - simply unclip it to unfold and you're ready to adjust the legs and go.

Click here to view the Cyprinus Flatpack chair on Amazon

Cyprinus 6 leg bedchair


Well-priced for a 6-legged bedchair.

Large mattress.

Good weight distribution and support.

Extremely lightweight and compact when folded.


Mattress on its own isn't the most comfy.

Final Verdict:

If you are on a tight budget but still want a decent bedchair. I would most certainly suggest opting for this one. The mattress as-is may not be the most comfortable so you might need to add a small mattress to it during longer sessions.

While it may not be packed with features, it is hard to find a better quality bedchair with a stable 6-leg design at this low price-point.

Click here to view the Cyprinus Flatpack chair on Amazon

Final Thoughts - Which is the Carp Fishing Best Bedchair to Buy?

If you are going on longer angling sessions of a few nights or more, comfort is most definitely the priority when it comes to selecting your bedchair. In which case, the huge range of features offered by the Nash SS3 Indulgence Bedchair make it the clear winner but you will be paying a premium for its features.

Those with a tighter budget can take their pick out of the TF Gear Flat Out and the Cyprinus Flatpack beds. I would say that the TF gear is slightly more comfortable and it does include a pillow but it is also slightly dearer. I don't think you could go too far wrong with either of these 2 so it will just come down to personal preference and desire to save a few quid here.

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