Best Bivvy Table

Best Bivvy Tables

Best Bivvy Table to Buy for Carp FishingAlthough it may not be the most exciting or advanced piece of kit you’ll take with you to the bank, a bivvy table can still be one of the most useful and convenient items to have.They allow you to organise your sleeping area a bit and give you … Read more

Best Carp Fishing Scales

Best Carp Weighing Scales

Best Carp Fishing ScalesAlthough the majority of us aren’t professional or competitive anglers, we all love breaking PBs. After a long, hard fight, its always a satisfying feeling to know exactly how heavy a beast you were up against. No PBs will be broken without a set of scales to weight your carp on. You’ll also … Read more

Best Fishing Head Torch

Best Fishing Head Torch for Carp Anglers

Best Fishing Head Torch to BuyA good head torch or at least a head torch is an absolute must for the night angler. Not only for safety but life at night is so much easier with a head torch. Any task that requires 2 hands is near impossible if you’re relying on a standard handheld … Read more

Best Bivvy Light for Carp Fishing

Best Bivvy Light for Carp Fishing

Best Bivvy Light for Carp FishingIf you plan on spending a night or more in your bivvy then you’ll require a decent source of light. There’s nothing more frustrating than clambering around in the dark trying to find your boots and door zip.A bit of light is also just nice to have when you’re in … Read more

Best Carp Fishing Power Pack

Best Carp Fishing Power Pack

Best Carp Fishing Power Pack to BuyWe’ve gotten so used to being connected to the rest of the world via our electrical devices that we must ensure they always have enough juice in them, even when fishing. As a result, portable power packs have become widely used by carp anglers in previous years.The power packs … Read more

Best Bedchair for Carp Fishing

Best Bedchair for Carp Fishing featured image

Best Bedchair for Carp FishingParticularly for night fishing carp angler, a bedchair is a key piece of equipment. You’ll want to make sure your warm and comfortable enough to get a decent bit of sleep in between landing some carp (we hope!). For this reason, it is important to spend a bit of time considering what … Read more