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Carp Fishing Tips Archives – Carp Base

Carp Fishing Hooks and Hook Sharpening Guide

Carp fishing hooks and hook sharpening

Carp Fishing Hooks and Hook Sharpening GuideHooks are most definitely an item that play a vital role in your ability to catch carp.  To the beginner or relatively inexperienced angler, hook selection can seem a little daunting and even overwhelming with so many different kinds of hooks available. There is a massive selection to choose from in … Read more

Bait Application for Carp Fishing

Bait application for carp fishing

Bait Application for Carp Fishing – The best method?Usually, a single hook bait in the water isn’t going to bag you many fish. To entice those wary old carp to feed, you are going to need to give them a few free offerings around that hookbait. But, what is the most effective way to get extra … Read more

Improve your Carp Feature Finding

carp feature finding

Improve your Carp Feature FindingIf you’re able to locate the spots on your lake where the carp are most likely to be, you will obviously stand a much better chance at catching. An excellent way to seek out the likely locations of the carp is to look for features in the lake that they are … Read more

9 Tips to Improve your Catch Rate

Tips to improve carp catch rate

Catch More Carp – 9 Tips to Improve Your Catch RateAll anglers would love to catch more fish and carp anglers are no different. Carp can be a very tricky and clever species, which can also make them rather elusive. This means you’ll need to gain every advantage possible if you want to land them. In … Read more