Bait Application for Carp Fishing - The best method?

Usually, a single hook bait in the water isn't going to bag you many fish. To entice those wary old carp to feed, you are going to need to give them a few free offerings around that hookbait.

But, what is the most effective way to get extra bait out into your swim without scaring the carp off?

This short article is going to look at a few popular ways to get some bait out there as well as listing some of the potential pros and cons for each method. By the end, you should have a good idea of which bait application method will suit your fishing situation best.

Bait Application Methods for Carp Fishing

Method 1: The Lob

As you may have guessed, this method simply involves lobbing your bait out by hand. Nothing could be easier but is it efficient or effective?


Fast way of delivering a lot of bait

Ideal for short distance or margin fishing


No good for distance fishing


Only good for short distance fishing. The further out you go, the less accurate this method tends to be. You'll also be limited for distance depending on what kind of bait your throwing out.

Method 2: A Catapult

The catapult is another very simple and an excellent way to get some bait into your swim. It takes a little practice but once the technique has been mastered, bait delivery can definitely be rather effective with this method.


Can achieve a reasonable distance in the right hands

Catapults available that will deliver boilies or particle-feed 


Takes a little practice to master a good consistent technique

Wide bait spread if you try to deliver bait to far


The catapult is another method that does become a bit more limited once you start to fish at greater distances. It is good for fishing just a little further out than where you can reach by hand. However, for long distances, some of the methods below will be better.

Method 3: The Throwing Stick

The throwing stick can be an excellent piece of kit in the Carpers arsenal if you just want to put a fairly small amount of bait out with accuracy, one at a time.


Very accurate once the technique is mastered

Possible to achieve some great distances


Only really meant for depositing single baits

Medium difficulty level technique to master


The most obvious drawback of throwing sticks is they would take you a age to get out a large amount of bait. However, this isn't their intention and they are perfect for their intended purpose of getting out a small quantity of bait with accuracy and minimal disturbance.

Method 4: Spodding or Spombing

These two methods are basically the same apart from some slight visual and operational differences: the spomb is more of a bomb looking capsule that opens on impact with the water. The spod is an open-ended rocket shape that simply tips upside down when it hits the water.


Can deliver a fair amount of bait in a short space of time

Very Accurate bait delivery

Can achieve a tightly baited area


Massive disturbance in the swim

Can be tiring after continued casting

Possibility of finger damage without finger-protection


For accurate delivery of large bait quantities, this method is almost perfect. As mentioned, the only downside is the disturbance caused when the spod or spomb hits the lake. However, some argue this has the opposing effect and acts like a "dinner bell" to the carp. If you'd like some tips on how to get the most out of this method, I have written a full article on spodding and spombing here.

Method 5: A Bait Boat

The use of bait boats could be debated all day but I'm not going to get into that. All I will say is I am certainly a fan of the bait boat and believe it to be a fantastic way to get a lot of bait out.


Some boats deliver 5kg in one go

Mega-accurate delivery 

Minimum disturbance in the swim

Can take your rigs out at the same time


Can't really think of many at all apart from the need to ensure batteries are charged and it being a sure fire way to piss someone off on your lake and get called a cheat


Clearly, I am quite keen on using bait boats to get bait out into your swim. With that being said, they are a luxury and can be costly. If you have the budget, I think its an amazing investment to make for your angling. Read my complete article on using bait boats here.

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