Best Carp Fishing Power Pack to Buy

We’ve gotten so used to being connected to the rest of the world via our electrical devices that we must ensure they always have enough juice in them, even when fishing. As a result, portable power packs have become widely used by carp anglers in previous years.

The power packs are small (in most cases) rechargeable devices that will recharge your phone and tablet or power any other compatible device you may wish to use.

To be honest, I think it would be wise for most people to make use of a power pack, especially during longer sessions in case your phone runs out of charge. Unlike a lot of other gear carp anglers require, a rechargeable power pack shouldn’t take up much room. The one I currently use is around the size of an iPhone plus.

As is the case with most fishing accessories, power packs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs and price ranges, all with different features and capabilities.

This article lists a few of what I feel are the best power packs for fishing to make sure your phone and other electronics remain useable on the bank.

Best Carp Fishing Power Pack

How to Choose the Best Power Pack for Fishing

Here's a short list of a few things you will want to keep in mind when searching for a power pack to take carp fishing with you.


Personally, I think smaller and more compact is better. However, there will be a bit of a trade off here; smaller usually means less power capacity and that’s a problem if you need to charge your device multiple times.

I’ve found that the iPhone sized power packs tend to be a happy medium between being both compact enough and providing a good amount of power.

Charge Time

If you a bit like me and tend to leave things until the last minute, a device that doesn't take too long to charge itself up is a good feature to look out for.

A low charge-time can be a lifesaver for those times when you forget to charge it in advance and only remember a couple of hours or so before you set off.


Many of the standard power banks you buy for charging phones can be rather flimsy. Buying one of these isn't going to last long if you plan to take it to the lake with you regularly.

A power pack for fishing should be one of the more rugged models that features some added durability features and possibly even water resistance.

Power Capacity (mAh)

All rechargeable power packs  will be measured in mAh, which is the abbreviation for milliamperes per hour.


The milliampere/hour is a unit of measurement for electrical power over time. Also generally used to describe the amount of energy a battery can store.

What this means for you when shopping for a power pack is the higher the mAh, the longer your charger will last and the more it can charge.

Top Power Packs for Fishing

The Ridgemonkey C-Smart is available in a couple of different power ratings and colour variations.

The pack features 2 usb ports and a 12v DC cigar type output, which Ridgemonkey claim will charge a full sized laptop from flat to full in just 2 hours. Impressive!

There is also a port for the relatively new usb-c connectors. This means charging is faster and will support even the most up to date devices.

Ridgemonkey C-Smart power pack


Available in multiple power ratings.

Features the new usb-c port.

2x standard usb

1xs cigar 12v dc output.

Rugged Design.


Higher priced than many other power packs.

Quite a chunky unit.


You can't argue that this is a very well-built device and it definitely meets the durability requirement. I liked the idea that this unit is available in different power ratings and that it features the new USB-C output as this is going to become the new norm as the old style USBs are being phased out.

On the pricey side but it is a good power pack that has been built to last. Perfect for outdoor activities.

This little unit is a nice tidy size just slightly larger than an iPhone and doesn't weigh that much more either.

Featuring "iSmart" technology means it automatically detects and delivers the optimal charging current for any connected device - ensuring the fastest, most efficient charge.

Another neat feature is auto charging that allows you to simply plug in your device the unit detects it and charging starts, no on/off or reset switch.

RAVPower portable charger


Slim small and lightweight.

Scratch-resistant finish

Protective mesh travel pouch included.

3 usb out ports.

High capacity for its size at 26800mAh


No USB-C or other port types.


This RAVPower unit is slim, lightweight, easy to use and does exactly what it is built to do with no issues.

When fully charged it should easily recharge a smartphone from flat over six times. If you want a reasonably priced unit just to keep your phone charged and only require the standard USB ports then you won't go wrong with this one.

At over 2000 reviews on Amazon with 85% giving 5 stars, it can't be bad.

With 3 USB outputs, the EC portable universal power bank is stated to have the capacity of 22400mAh and can charge an iPhone 8 9.8 times.

With a blue LED indicator to show the remaining power when charging to ensure you are aware of the available power left in the unit. The unit also features an LED flashlight, which could come in useful as well.

This power pack also comes in at a very competitive price.

EC Technology portable charger


Compact and lightweight.

Power level indicator.

3 charging ports.

Low price.


No USB-C support.


For the price of this unit and the battery power capacity that comes with it not a bad buy this little unit should be ample for charging your phone or tablet, and it's not to bulky either.

I know people who have used this charger for a few years and its still going strong. There really isn't much to complain about with it and it is more than up to the task of charging phones and tablets on the bank.

Another unit from Ravpower but this one is a little different from the previous ones. As the picture shows, it features a built in AC outlet which I personally thought was quite neat.

It will support devices up to 50w. You can also charge 2 devices at once using the Type-C and iSmart USB ports for fast and simultaneous charging.

With a 20100 mAh power capacity, this again is another unit with a decent amount of storage so it can charge your devices several times over.

RAVPower 20100mAh power bank


USB-C enabled.

Charges 2 devices at the same time

Good battery storage.

Built in AC outlet.


Not the most robust unit on the list.

Power drains quickly when using the AC outlet.


I wanted to include this unit in my list as I thought the AC outlet was a very nice addition since it gives you the ability to use devices with the standard UK 240v plug while you're out fishing.

Although, if you are using a device that is close to the stated 50w max support, it will pull the power out of the charger very quickly and may not leave you with enough to charge your phone should you need to.

I like this power pack but the only reason to buy it over any of the others I've included in this article is if you want to use the plug outlet.

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