Best Carp Rod Holdall - Buying Guide and Rod Holdall Reviews

Our rods and reels are the most important and usually among the most expensive tools used in the quest to catch carp so protecting them during storage and travel is crucial.

I can recall as a teenager tying my rod and reel to the crossbar of my push bike and biking down to the river or lake, needless to say my rods never use to last that long. Nowadays, I'm pleased to say I take much better care of them and always buy the best rod holdall my budget allows.

Not only will a good rod holdall protect your rods from breaking, it will keep them in good condition and increase their usage life. As a result, I believe you should aim to get the best carp rod holdall for your needs and budget.

The rod holdall market is pretty vast so it can be confusing to select the right one. It is also hard to keep on top of new releases. This article features what I feel are the best carp rod holdalls currently available. I've also selected some based on potential differing budgets and needs so there should be one on the list that suits you.

Best Carp Rod Holdall

How to Choose the Best Rod Holdall for Your Carp Fishing Needs

Before you dive into browsing the different rod holdalls that are available, there are a few things I wanted to cover that are important for you to consider. Think of this section as a brief buying guide that will allow you to make the best decision possible and avoid getting a holdall that doesn't suit you.

Rod Holdall vs. Quiver

You will come across both of these types of rod-storing luggage and I've included both types in my list. Holdalls and quivers perform the same basic function on storing and transporting your rods but they are slightly different and I'm sure you will have your preference.

A rod holdall is usually a padded piece of luggage designed to hold your rods on the inside. They are capable of offering a high level of protection and sometimes include additional pockets and storage space for other bits of gear as well. The downside is that they can be rather large and bulky.

This is where a rod quiver might be preferred. A quiver holds rods on the outside and usually only protects the butt area. This means quivers are much more lightweight and easy to carry. Of course, the drawback is that your rods are left exposed and less protected.

Rod Holdall Size and Capacity

The length of your rod holdall is going to be very important. You obviously don't want to end up with one that is too short for your rods. Getting one that is too long can also be problematic so the best bet is get the rod holdall that is built for your rod size.

You'll also need to consider how many rods you want to carry in your holdall. You may want to get a large capacity holdall and carry all your rods together. On the other hand, you may decide to keep your main rods in the holdall and use single rod sleeves for others like your marker float rod or any lighter rods you may wish to take in case of opportunistic stalking, for example.

Padding and Storage

It is my view that the rod holdall is an area where you should aim for the highest quality you can afford. After all, it could end up costing you a lot of money if the holdall lets you down and damages your rods and reels. High levels of padding, especially if you are storing your reels inside are crucial.

Many padded rod holdalls also come with extra storage pockets for accessories or even umbrellas and landing net handles. This extra storage is great but adds bulk so you should consider whether or not this storage space is really needed. Have a think about exactly what you might be keeping in your holdall to decide how much added storage you need.

Made or unmade rods?

A lot of rod holdalls are available that allow you to store made up rods and reels inside them. This is great and a real time-saver when you get to the bank. They are bigger and bulkier but I always opt for one that can hold 3 made up rods and reels inside. However, you may prefer a sleeker rod holdall and have no problem making your rods up when you get to the lake.

Best Carp Rod Holdall Reviews

🏆 Carp Base Top Overall Pick - Nash KNX 3-Rod Holdall

The Nash KNX 3 Rod Holdall will accommodate 3 rods made up with reels attached and 3 unmade rods.

Kevin Nash is himself a well known and highly experienced carp angler and after many years of carp fishing he has gained untold amounts of experience and knowledge into what he expects from a product.

He still has a large amount of input into all of the Nash range of products manufactured today.

As a result, you can more or less guarantee most Nash products are tried and tested before they are put into production, ensuring their quality and performance.

This holdall also features a padded reel pouch for that all important reel protection as well as Velcro securing straps to keep rods in place during transit.

Inside, you'll find a padded divider for protection and separation of your made up and unmade rods.

In terms of additional storage, there are 2 good-sized outer vertical pockets for your poles and landing net handle.

Nash KNX holdall full length
Nash KNX holdall reel compartment
Nash KNX holdall inside


I think the majority of carp anglers will agree on the overall quality and value of Nash products. This rod holdall is no exception, it provides everything you'd expect from a quality holdall at a reasonable price.

For me, I would have liked to have seen a little more padding in the reel compartment but that is the only slight and somewhat picky negative I have.

All in all this is a very good holdall that definitely fits the bill and comes in at a reasonable price. When taking into account protection levels, features and the price-tag, the KNX holdall had to be the top pick!

💷 Best Budget Holdall - NGT 3 + 3 Rod Holdall

This rod holdall is most definitely at the budget end of the market coming in at less than £20. For that price you'd be forgiven for not expecting much. However, it really isn't a bad holdall and offers some good features for such a low cost.

The NGT holdall offers space 12ft rods. You can fit up to 3 made up rods alongside an additional 3 unmade rods. On the inside, you'll find some padded separators for dividing your reels, Velcro securing straps and a small divider sheet for preventing the rods scratching each other.

As for the exterior: there a bit of extra storage space in the form of a single pocket, which can be used for holding bank sticks. 

NGT holdall full length
NGT holdall close up
NGT holdall inside


Unfortunately, the holdall doesn't offer the padding the more expensive options do. If you own a set of more expensive rods and reels, I would advise you to get a holdall with more protection.

With that being said, this is great for those on stricter budgets and ideal for beginner anglers. It represents great value.

​🌟Best Performing Rod Holdall - Fox R-Series 3-Rod Holdall

Fox are renowned for their superior quality luggage, and this rod holdall is another fine example of the Fox standards.

With a robust and waterproof outer material and padded inner, this is and excellent holdall for giving maximum protection to your precious rods and reels. This R-series holdall will take up to 3 made and 3 unmade rods.

The holdall boasts a good sized and well-padded compartment to protect your reels, which is big enough to accomodate big pit reels.

Your rods will be separated by Velcro securing tabs inside to keep them firmly in position when in the holdall. The made and unmade rods are kept apart by a padded divider than runs the full length of the holdall.

In terms of additional storage space, there are 2 vertical pockets on the outside: one that will accommodate your bank sticks, the other should be large enough to hold your landing net or storm poles. 

The Royale Holdall is fitted with padded carry handles and a good sized padded shoulder strap making carrying of your holdall comfortable and effortless.
Fox r series full length
Fox r series inside
Fox r series pockets


This is a holdall I have used myself for a while now and I can honestly say it is a fantastic piece of luggage and does an excellent job of protecting your gear.

The biggest plus is the amount of padding it offered for my rods and reels. I have no worries about them getting damaged when I put them inside.

These great features are reflected in a more expensive price tag, which is the main reason it wasn't my top pick. However, for a serious carp angler whose 3 rods and 3 reels could easily run into excess of £1500, it is well worth spending that extra cash.

 Best Single Rod Sleeve - Solar Tackle SP single Rod Sleeve

Solar are another top company with a reputation for producing quality luggage products.

I've chosen to include this for anglers who are looking for a lighter-weight method of storing and carrying their rods. Rod sleeves are fairly simple by nature but this one is particularly high-quality and offers better protection than many sleeves out there.

The SP sleeve has a super padded construction to accommodate a single made up rod and reel. It is large enough to fit big pit reels and 50mm butt rings.

The sleeve is made from a high-performance PU-backed waterproof material for added protection, coupled with padded carry handles.

Solar rod sleeve full view
Solar Tackle Rod Holdall
Solar rod sleeve carry handle


I do use single rod sleeves as but tend to use them for my spod and marker rods and reels but they are fine for use with your main rods as long as they offer enough protection and you don't mind carrying multiple sleeves if you use more than a single rod to fish with.

For fishing that requires less gear like stalking or possibly when travelling, single rod sleeves are ideal. These ones from Solar are very protective so if you are after a single rod sleeve, these are my suggestion.

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