Best Carp Landing Net

Best Carp Landing Net – Buying Guide & Net ReviewsAmongst the variety of tackle you own one of the most important pieces of kit should be your landing net as without it you won’t be able to land your fish, and get it on the bank for that all important trophy picture.Obviously, a landing net … Read more

Best Bedchair for Carp Fishing featured image

Best Bedchair for Carp FishingParticularly for night fishing carp angler, a bedchair is a key piece of equipment. You’ll want to make sure your warm and comfortable enough to get a decent bit of sleep in between landing some carp (we hope!). For this reason, it is important to spend a bit of time considering what … Read more

Best Carp Unhooking Mat

Best Carp Unhooking Mat 2021Best Carp Unhooking Mat – Top Pick Nash Carp Cradle Mk3 Reason: Sturdy, protective design with adjustable feet and legs for added comfort during use.Finding the best unhooking mat should be top of mind for any carp angler. After all, carp care is (or should be!) absolutely paramount on any fishery nowadays: from … Read more

Best Carp Fishing Rod Pod

Best Carp Fishing Rod Pod for 2021 Best Rod Pod for Carp Rods Top Pick1.  JRC Cocoon Rod Pod Reason: An excellent mix of quality and value! View JRC Cocoon Rod Pod on Amazon Of course, when you’re fishing for carp, you need somewhere sturdy to hold your rods as you wait for a run and … Read more

Best Carp Fishing Jacket

Best Carp Fishing jacket 2021If you’re serious about carp angling, you won’t only be out on the bank during the warm summer months. If you’re in the UK, you’ll probably find yourself fishing in somewhat chilly conditions more regularly than you would like. With this in mind, find a good jacket that allows you to be … Read more

Bankside Cooking Equipment

Bankside Cooking for Carp Anglers​ Cooking on the bank is a thing some anglers seem to be very big into while others are not bothered at all.  Many anglers do not seem at all bothered and get by with a sandwich, cold pasties and for their hot meal nearly always opt for the good old pot noodle. On … Read more

Best bivvy for carp fishing

Best Bivvy for Carp Fishing in 2020  🏆 Best Bivvy Recommendations Quick-View  🏆Cyprinus Base Bivvy – Best Overall Value View on Amazon Trakker Armo Bi​​vvy – Best Overall Performance View on Amazon Your Bivvy is your home when you’re fishing so buying a decent one is an absolute must, especially for longer sessions and night fishing. Bivvies … Read more

Should you use a bait boat

Are Bait Boats Cheating? – Why Use a Bait Boat?Should bait boats be considered cheating? This one can and has started an endless debate across the whole of the carp angling fraternity. As you may have guessed from the title, I am a massive fan of the bait boat and I will use my boat at … Read more

Best bite alarms for carp fishing

Best Bite Alarms for Carp Fishing in 2021 Best Carp Bite Alarms – Carp Base Top 31.  Nash Siren R3 2. Delkim EV Plus3. Fox MR+ If you don’t know you’ve got a bite, you don’t stand much chance of catching many carp so using bite indicators really is a must. The problem is there are … Read more

recommended carp gear

Carp Base’ Recommended Carp Fishing Gear for 2019With so much carp fishing tackle and equipment available on the market, it can be difficult to know what to buy. You could spend hours researching and debating a purchase and then still be unsure whether you got the best deal. The list below features my current recommended carp … Read more