Best Carp Fishing Scales

Although the majority of us aren't professional or competitive anglers, we all love breaking PBs. After a long, hard fight, its always a satisfying feeling to know exactly how heavy a beast you were up against.

No PBs will be broken without a set of scales to weight your carp on. You'll also want to be certain the scales are accurate to remove any feelings of fraudulent guilt so you will need a quality set of fishing scales.

You might be quite surprised to find out much carp scales can range in both price and overall quality. After all, they only need to weigh a fish. But they do vary and it can be easy to waste your money on an inaccurate set or a set that busts as soon as they lift your potential new PB.

To help you avoid such a disaster, I've done a bit of research and come up with a list of what I believe are some of the best carp fishing scales available today. Some are included for being outstanding in quality while others represent value for money options. either way, there should be a set of scales below that will suit your needs.

Best Carp Weighing Scales

How to Choose the Best Set of Fishing Scales

Before I dive into the product recommendations, I wanted to give you a short summary of some things to consider when shopping for a set of scales. This should help make your final decision easier and more successful.

1. Weight Limit

Obviously, you'll want a set of scales that can handle the potential weight you'll be measuring. On the other hand, spending extra money on a higher capacity scale could be wasteful.

If you only plan on weighing UK carp, a set of scales that weighs up to 50 lbs should be ample for the vast majority of anglers. Some scales have a weight limit of 100 lbs plus but I wouldn't suggest spending the extra cash if the sole reason for doing so is the capacity. Unless, you plan on catching bigger carp abroad or going after catfish as well.

2. Digital vs Mechanical Scales

I think this debate really comes down to personal preference. Some people prefer to look at the dial on the mechanical scales while others find a digital read out more simple to work with.

With that being said, there is perhaps one solid argument for a mechanical set: digital equipment is more prone to malfunction when used around water. 

3. Visibility

If you can barely read your scale's dial or display then they aren't going to be much good to you. Ensuring the read-out is large enough is the main concern for daytime weighing.

At night, a set of back lit scales will definitely be handy. The majority of digital scales sets will illuminate at night, which just makes life that little bit more simple.

Best Carp Fishing Scales - Product Recommendations

A slightly upgraded version of Fox's original digital scales. These scales are compact, durable and super-simple to set up and use.

They have a weight limit of 60 kilograms, come with a protective case and feature a back light for night time weighing.

These are a very good set of scales but will not be suitable for tighter budgets.

Fox Digital Scales




Protective case included

Large capacity


Higher end of the digital scale price range

JRC Reuben Heaton scales are a large-faced dial design scale that will weigh up to 60 Lbs in 2oz divisions. Being manufactured by by globally renowned fishing scale producer Reuben Heaton means these scales will be bang on for accuracy.

The scales are fairly large with any easy to read dial. The only downside is the lack of a light for using in the dark so you'll have to rely on your headtorch.

They also don't come with any kind of protective case so you'll have to be extra careful with them, especially at their price.

Overall, they are excellent scales and, in terms of quality, it is hard to find better.

JRC Reuben Heaton Scales


Large face 

Clear and easy to read



No back light

No case

Expensive scales

These Wychwood scales are a really nice design. The T-bar shape makes it easy to hold the scales as you weight your catch.

I also like that they weigh in 1 oz increments as this gives as this gives you a slightly tighter reading than some other scale models.

The most obvious drawback for me is the carabiner clip that you use to attach your sling to the scales. While this is a more secure attachment, it is more awkward to use. I think a standard hook works just fine so its unnecessary.

At the end of the day, these are a good set of digital scales that are nice to use and come in at a fair price.

Wychwood t bar digital scales


Ergonomic T-bar design

Back light

Memory function

1 oz increments


Not as rugged as other scales

Weighing carabiner clip slightly fiddly to use

These compact Korums scales appear to have all the features needed in a set of scales despite leaning more towards the budget end of the price scale.

The scales include a neoprene case, large built-in weigh handle and a back light.

The only possible complaint I could make is that I've seen some questions regarding accuracy, which would rule them out of competition use. As long as they are close enough, it should not pose an problem for the majority of anglers.

For the price, build-quality and features, these scales have to be the top pick in their price range.

Korum digital scales


Back light

Free case

Compact and durable design

Large weighing handle


Protective case could be more substantial

May be lacking in accuracy required for competitions

Best Fishing Scales to Buy - Final Recommendations

Scales aren't the most complicated or advance bit of kit you'll be taking to the bank with you so my suggestion here is a fairly simple one.

If you want the very best, most accurate scales or need a set for cempetitive purposes, you'll need to spend the extra cash on the JRC Reuben Heaton Scales.

If you want a good set of scales for everyday carp fishing at a very reasonable price, go for the Korum Digital Scales.

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