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In modern day carp angling there is a massive amount of kit that is sometimes required on the bank to get the best from your sessions. This is even more true if you are a long-stay angler.

The rules of many waters do not allow you to drive on the grass to get your gear near your swim, which can make it quite time-consuming to get set up and ready to fish. 

There are some big commercial day ticket waters that have taken this into account and have made a track that runs more or less right round their fishery allowing easy access by a vehicle to the swims. Unfortunately, many of us don’t have such luxuries.

My current syndicate will allow a vehicle on the grass and up to a swim only if the weather has been good and the ground is solid. All of this is fair enough as a lot of time and money can go into the upkeep of a private fishery.

Now, if you fish a lake that requires multiple trips to drag your gear from the car to your swim, a good carp barrow can be an absolute lifesaver. I know I’m forever grateful for mine when I get to a lake.

In this article, I’ve rounded up a few of what I feel are the best carp barrows currently available. If you’re looking to get your first barrow or upgrade your current one, I hope to point you in the right direction and make the decision a little easier for you.

Best Carp Fishing Barrow

Things to Consider Before Buying a Carp Barrow

Instead of going straight into the reviews for my best carp barrow picks, I wanted to give you a very short guide on some factors to keep in mind when buying your barrow. Here’s a short list of some of the factors you should have in mind when shopping for a new carp barrow. 

You can use these points to help make your final decision alongside the list of recommended carp barrows that follows in the next section.


For nearly every gear buying guide or product review article on this site, I think I’ve mentioned weight as being a key factor in the buying decision. When you go fishing, you’re going to be taking a large amount of equipment.

The total weight is always likely to be quite high, which makes it tiring to carry things, causes wear on your vehicle and increases fuel costs. As a result, cutting weight by selecting a barrow that is of appropriate size for your needs is important.

Usually, the frame material will play the biggest part in overall barrow weight. 


Closely related to the weight of the barrow will be its overall size. Unlike the weight, you don’t necessarily want to cut down on the size of your barrow too much since you need to be sure it has enough space for your equipment.

For this reason, the size of the barrow you need is going to vary depending on how much gear you like to take with you.

To be honest, you’ll never really be 100% certain of what can fit on the barrow until you’ve loaded it up for the first time. With that being said, you should be able to gain a rough idea of the kind of size you require by having a think about exactly what you’re going to be putting on the barrow when you get to the lake.

Wheel Style

This is often overlooked when buying a barrow. Buyers tend to be focused on the frame size and added extras like storage pockets but it is the wheels that take you from car to swim. 

Carp barrows can come with one, two, three or sometimes even four wheels.In general, more wheels improves weight distribution over the ground but can make it more difficult to move around sharper turns. I usually go for a barrow with 1 fairly large wheel or 2 wheels at the front.

You’ll also need to keep in mind the terrain your wheels need to tackle. For example, uneven or sloped ground can be difficult to navigate with a 4-wheel barrow since all of the wheels are unlikely to remain in contact with the ground at all times. I’d say a 3 or 4-wheeler is only really suitable if you fish at a fairly flat location where the ground doesn’t soften too much.


Nearly all the barrow that are available today will adjust in some or another allowing you to increase their size and carrying capacity. It can be tempted to go for a barrow a bunch of features and adjustable areas but they still add extra bulk and usually cost more. If you don’t need a huge amount of space, save your money and get a smaller, more basic barrow.

Some carp barrows are adjustable in a way that makes them very small and compact during transport and storage but very large when it comes to loading your gear. Obviously, features like this are ideal for most people and could be worth looking out for.


Adjustable front and sidebars.

Mesh bed and slidable bar to prevent tackle falling through.

Rod support bar to accommodate skins, rod holdall and or shelter.

Fold down front bar to support Barrowlogix Carryall or Food Bag.

Quick-release wheel system.

Trax wide wheel can be rapidly changed for thin mud wheel.

Rear leg assembly with mud feet. These can be removed and replaced with the Trax Rear Trolley Kit.

Nash Trax Evo Barrow


This is the upgraded version of Nash' very popular Trax All-Terrain Evo so that should give you some idea of the quality of this barrow. Although it is the most expensive barrow on my list, it definitely boasts the features to justify the price tag. Most handily, you can upgrade or adjust the barrow in multiple ways to suit your carrying needs and ground conditions.

I particularly like the idea that the rear support leg assembly can be removed and replaced with a trolley kit giving the barrow 3 wheels which would be particularly handy on longer trips to a swim on nice flat even ground.

It's a solid beast of a barrow that is designed to help you tackle different scenarios you may encounter throughout the seasons as an angler when transporting your gear to the swim.


 Robust high tensile steel construction.

 Under barrow bag included, housing a waterproof barrow cover.

 Extendable front barrow bag rack.

 Mesh pockets either side of wheel for storing essential items.

Quick-release wheel system with pneumatic tyre.

 Folds extremely flat for transport.

Supplied with 2 universal barrow straps.

Fox explorer voyager barrow


The Fox Explorer Voyager Deluxe Barrow is based on same unique design as original Explorer barrow but with some added extras, making this versatile barrow ideal for both the short session angler as well as the angler that needs to take all the extra kit.

I n the past, I've used barrows from fox and cannot fault their quality at all. I particularly like this one as it can be adjusted to suit the long stay angler or the day session angler. You get the best of both worlds.

The extendable front barrow bag rack is an especially helpful feature. This allows the Voyager Compact Barrow Bags or Low Level Bags (sold separately) to sit right at the front of the barrow when using the barrow in ‘long session mode’ and carrying a bedchair. When fishing day sessions without a bed, you can simply retract the front rack and turn the low level bags around so they face you. The design ensure the barrow remains balanced whether in short or long session mode.

By design, this barrow is available to cover your needs no matter how long you plan on fishing for. I have to say, it meets this criteria very well. If you're an angler who varies their session length a lot, this barrow will certainly suit you.


Adjustable sides gives huge carrying capacity.

Easy to assemble compact and easy to transport.

High traction wheel so easy to push.

Free barrow bags worth £70.

Heavy duty frame

TF gear Trukka Barrow


This neat and compact barrow from TFG is of a sturdy construction and offers 4 free barrow bags worth £70, which is an obvious bonus from the get-go.

Much like the Fox barrowm the Trukka allows you to stay mobile and "fish from the barrow" or you can use the additional storage adjustments and take a full load for a longer session, no problem.

A high-traction wheel enables the barrow to be easily maneuvered over trickier terrain, while the traction tread makes it very easy to power over muddy, wet and slippery banks that slicker tread wheels could struggle with.

Overall, TF Gear's Trukka is a decent compact barrow that will carry a lot of gear with little effort. The inclusion of the extra bags is a big plus since additional storage options are always welcome.


Extendable and height adjustable front bar.

Foldable side bars.

Removable handles.

Option to fit 1 or 2 wheels (short and long bar included).

Removable under barrow storage bag.

NGT Carp Fishing Barrow


This barrow may not be one of the very best when it comes to all-round performance and features but it will definitely do a job. The main reason I've included the NGT barrow is down to the value you get from it. At a relatively low pricepoint, you get a sturdy and well-constructed carp barrow.

I think the option to fit one or two wheels is a thoughtful feature as this gives you some adjustability to suit the type of terrain you're travelling over.

If you have a good budget to spend and are more feature-focused, you'll want to scroll back to one of the other barrows. However, for those who don't require as much use from their barrow or are on a stricter budget, this one could be just the ticket. 

Final Thoughts on The Best Carp Barrow - Top Pick

When it comes down to it, the majority of the barrows on the market are of a very similar design and will all do the job required to a certain degree. It is really a matter of looking at each individual barrows features and deciding which would suit your own particular requirements for transporting your gear.

When asked to select my top pick for the best carp barrow, I would opt for the Nash Trax Evo Barrow. The only downside is that it is in a higher price range but this isn't by a huge amount and the added features make up for it, in my opinion.

The rugged design and adjustability make this barrow my winner. The option to add a slimmer wheel, to remove the rear leg assembly and add the rear trolley kit, which gives the barrow a 3 wheel option could save so much effort, time and frustration brought on by the variety of conditions we encounter in the UK.

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