Best Bivvy for Carp Fishing in 2020

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Trakker Armo Bi​​vvy - Best Overall Performance

Your Bivvy is your home when you're fishing so buying a decent one is an absolute must, especially for longer sessions and night fishing.

Bivvies come in all manner of shapes styles and sizes; from one man to two man, as a single skin and also with a winter skin option available as an added extra for those long cold winter days and nights.

The variance in options on the market can make it tough to make a choice. The aim of this article is to present you with a short buying guide as well as some recommended products to make it easier to find the best bivvy for your needs.

Best bivvy for carp fishing

Features to Look for in a High-Quality Bivvy


The size of your bivvy should suit your needs; if you plan on fishing with your fishing buddy and using the same bivvy then a 2-man is the obvious choice.


If you are limited to the amount of or weight you can carry and don't want another heavy bag to lug around with you, look for a lightweight style bivvy. Some bivvies on the market come in at much heavier weights than others.

Waterproof Rating

A decent bivvy, just like a good tent, should be waterproof. All of the top bivvies should be rated via a hydro-static head rating, which is represented as a value in millimeters. When comparing these waterproof ratings, the higher the value (mm), the more waterproof the bivvy should be.

Erection Time And Ease

A bivvy that is quick and easy to put up can be a god send when you are on the bank in the pouring rain. Of course, the quicker you can get your bivvy set up, the sooner you can get all your kit and yourself in the dry.

Best Carp Fishing Bivvy for 2020 - Recommended Bivvies

Below, I've gone through and selected a collection of what I feel are some of the top bivvies you can currently buy. You can't really go wrong with any of the bivvies in this list so my advice is to get the one that matches your individual budget and needs best.

TF Gear have been putting out some quality luggage and clothing in recent times. The main attraction of their Force 8 bivvy it it's assembly time.

The TF Gear bivvy is easily erected in 20 seconds and has a hydro-static head rating of 3000mm.

To make it quick and easy to erect, it has a central hub system that pulls its "flexi ribs" into position. You then simply slide the flash touch power-lock into place and your ready to go.

TF Gear Force 8 Bivvy


Quick to erect (20 seconds)

Porch for extra storage

Built in groundsheet


Lower hydrostatic head than the competitiors at 3000mm

Takes practice to achieve 20 second erection time

Possibly not as sturdy as pram hood style bivvies

Final Verdict:

The obvious big benefit of this bivvy is that it's quick and easy to erect (stated at 20 seconds). However, this kind of "quick-erect", pop-up style bivvy always worries me when it comes to sturdiness in high winds.

With that being said, the overall quality and value of the bivvy is excellent and it would make a great choice for a short-stay or beginner angler.

This bivvy appears to have all the attributes of a top end bivvy but comes with a much lower price tag.

As an added bonus, it even features an all important-winter wrap, which is included in the price.

cyprinus bivvy


10,000mm Hydrostatic head giving good water resistance

Winter wrap included

Features a separate mozzy section

Peeked front, which helps stop rain entering the bivvy when door is open


Groundsheet is a little on the thin side

Have come across some reports of heavy condensation on the inside of the bivvy

Final Verdict:

when you look at the features you'll be getting, this is a good bivvy for the price. The condensation issue mentioned earlier could also be minimised if the winter wrap was used 

The thin groundsheet could be a bit of an issue as the groundsheet is the main insulation from the cold ground but all in all this is another solid bivvy option at a reasonable price.

Trakker have been market leaders in fishing bivvies for some years now and the Armo range is probably one of, if not the best on the market.

Packed with features, these bivvies are built to last and withstand the most adverse of weather conditions.

Trakker Armo V4 Bivvy


Upgraded "aquatex" material

Heavy duty groundsheet

Clear window; Dual-zipped doors, allowing you to create a letterbox opening

 Vents in rear of bivvy

 Frame support included


Very few faults to find here apart from the Carry-bag being a little snug. Everything does still fit inside ok.

Final Verdict:

You may have already guessed that I'm definitely a fan of this one. It's probably the best bivvy on the market; easy to erect, very spacious and superbly water resistant. You also have the optional extra of a winter skin that turns this bivvy into a shelter I would happily have on the bank for any length of time.

As the name states, this bivvy is compact and ideal for smaller swims or if you like to keep yourself mobile.

A good number of features come with this bivvy: frame support poles, heavy duty pegs and groundsheet. It is also highly rated on the waterproofing scale.

Fox reflex bivvy


Heavy duty groundsheet

20,000mm Hydrostatic head

Frame support included


Not a very large peak to front of bivvy

Flexible poles

Final Verdict:

Another pram, hood-style bivvy; light and compact. If you fish smaller swims then this could be the bivvy for you.

I personally would be slightly deterred from buying this bivvy as it has flexible poles. If i’m out in my bivvy for any length of time, I need to know it’s going to say firmly in place with minimal movement.

Carp Base Suggestions for Best Carp Fishing Bivvy

I have to admit, I am a bit fan of Trakker bivvies, which you may have guessed by my rave review for the Trakker in this article. I do believe they cannot be beaten on build quality, durability, overall water resistance and the number of features available throughout the different models.

My current bivvy is a Trakker two-man, which will be hopefully the last bivvy I ever buy, unless something drastic happens. Barring a catastrophe, a Trakker should last you years. When you take this into account, the higher price-tag becomes justifiable.

For these reasons, I have decided to make the Trakker bivvy my top pick. You can get it on Ama​​zon here.

If the Trakker price range is a bit high for you then I would recommend the Cyprinus Base Bivvy as a solid alternative at a much more affordable price. You can view the Cyprinus on Amazon by clicking here.

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