Best Bivvy Light for Carp Fishing

If you plan on spending a night or more in your bivvy then you’ll require a decent source of light. There’s nothing more frustrating than clambering around in the dark trying to find your boots and door zip.

A bit of light is also just nice to have when you’re in the bivvy eating and taking some time out from the bank. Having a light that illuminates a larger area than your head torch just makes things a little more pleasant and easier.

There is some debate as to whether or not these kind of bivvy lights spook the fish. To be honest, I don’t see that being the case. They are meant for the bivvy, which should be set far enough away from the water that the light will have no effect on the carp.

To help you pick a quality bivvy light that’s going to last, I’ve listed some of my top picks for the best bivvy light on the market today. All of the lights below do a great job so I’d suggest simply choosing the one that matches your own budget and lighting requirements.

Best Bivvy Light for Carp Fishing

How to Choose the Best Bivvy Light - 5 Things to Consider

 1. Water Resistance

Having a level of waterproofing or water-resistance is a huge bonus for anything you take to the lake with you. This is especially true for electronic devices as you really don’t want any water getting inside them.

With that being said, in this instance, we’re discussing bivvy lights so they are going to be used inside your shelter most of the time. Unless you have a condensation issue with your bivvy or plan on hanging your light outside, a high level of water-resistance may not be crucial.

 2. Size

Size is always a big consideration for accessories that you keep inside your bivvy. After all, there is only a limited amount of space inside your bags and the bivvy itself. I always try and look for the most compact light possible while still offering the power and features I need.

Of course, there’s likely to be a bit of a trade-off when it comes to size and features so you’ll need to have a think about exactly what you want from your bivvy light.

 3. Run Time

Of course, the amount of illumination time you will get out of your light is a key factor. The last thing you need is for your light to be rendered useless by running flat half way through a session.

Think about how you use your light. Anglers who only put it on if they need to get out of bed during the night can probably get away with a smaller-capacity light. On the other hand, those who like to keep it on from the moment it gets dark until they go to sleep will need one that lasts a number of hours at a time.

 4. Battery Type

There are two main types of power source for bivvy lights: standard alkaline batteries that you’ll find in a local shop or supermarket and rechargeable lithium-ion batteries like your phone probably has.

The size of the individual battery is what matters here so one isn’t universally better than the other. Standard alkaline batteries have the benefit of being quickly replaced with a spare set if they run out mid-session. Rechargeable batteries obviously mean you don’t have to keep buying new ones every time they run out.

It can come down to personal preference but, more often than not, the other features of the bivvy light will be more of a deciding factor than the battery type.

 5. Light Settings

Some bivvy light models allow you to change some of the light settings so you can tailor the kind of light emitted to suit different situations.

I would at the very least suggest buying a light with variable brightness settings so you can choose to subdue or enhance the light depending on the conditions and what you’re using the light for.

Other light may also come with variable colour settings; commonly, they’ll give you a red or green option.

A red light is designed to give you enough light to see in the bivvy but also allows your eyes to adjust so you can still see out onto the lake in darkness.

The green option is believed to help your eyes adjust and improve their night vision.

Best Bivvy Light to Buy - Bivvy Light Reviews

The Ridgemonkey Bivvy Lite Elite IR is a super popular bivvy light option and for good reason.

It is compact, durable and has a number of useful features. Ridgemonkey have built up a strong reputation for accessories just like this one.

The Elite IR light has 3 light modes: white, red and green with variable brightness control. The run time is also impressive at 180 hours!

I don't think anybody can argue that the Ridgemonkey Elite IR is a great light that ticks all the boxes and more.

I particularly like the variable lighting since it allows some customisation towards your on preferences. The 4-LED power indicator is a handy feature that some bivvy lights frustratingly do not include..

Finally, 180 hours of usage time from one single full charge is seriously impressive. Even though it is more expensive than some lights, particularly the more basic ones, I feel this light is worth the price tag because it's definitely not just your basic bivvy light.

Ridgemonkey Elite IR Bivvy Light


Small and compact

 3 light settings

Big 180-hour run time

 Sealed water-resistant shell

USB Rechargeable battery

180 hr run time

Remote controlled


Expensive compared some other bivvy lights

The Fox Halo Bivvy Light is another fairly compact light that is slightly different in design than the others lights I've included here so that could appeal to some but it does make it a little bulky for me.

I always go for a rechargeable light so the fact that this takes alkaline batteries is another personal drawback but it may not matter to you.

The biggest plus for the Fox halo is without a doubt the price. It is comfortably the cheapest on my list and it still comes with some brightness control and the option of white or red light.

This is a light for those who don't need a huge amount of run-time and are on a tighter budget.

Fox Halo Bivvy Light


Compact design

Very well-priced

4 brightness setting

2 light colours


Alkaline battery powered (might not be a con for you)

Low run time on full power (7 hours)

The New Direction tackle Bluetooth Smart Bivvy Light has gone all-in on its features and is worthy of the title "smart light".

This smart light can be controlled by bluetooth from your mobile device and boasts 16 million colour settings so I'm fairly sure you'll be able to find one you like. On a dim white setting, you'll get 200 hours of run time.

It is also capable of connecting to New Direction K9 Bite Alarms and will illuminate as soon as the alarms are activated by a bite. I can see this feature being a bit of a nuisance with line bites.

The light is also capable of charging a mobile phone but I only see this being useful in an emergency since charging your phone once means your light's battery is drained.

For mobile device charging, I'd suggest a stand alone power pack for your bivvy.

If you are a bit of a gadget person and like the idea of new smart-tech then this bivvy light is probably going to appeal to you but I do get the feeling certain features aren't really needed on a bivvy light.

ND Tackle Light Image


Long run time on low setting (200 hours)

Protective case included

Bluetooth phone connectivity

4 light modes & 16 million colours

sleek design


Not compatible with every smart phone (check before)

Some unnecessary features, in my view

Only connects to ND K9 alarms

TF Gear Night Spark is a competitively priced light with a similar feel and design to some of the higher-end models.

If you are looking for a cheaper light, with a good run time and some of the features expected of more expensive lights then the Night Spark is worth a look.

The light is rechargeable, has 2 light settings, a magnetic mounting strip and is controlled via a remote.

While its' features are comparable to the more expensive models, I don't feel like it can be compared to them in terms of performance and overall quality. I'm not saying this is a poor light, it just feels like its lacking against some of the others.

Then again, it is a cheaper bivvy light.

TF Gear Night Spark


Low price

Good Run Time on Lower setting (over 100 hours)

Protective case included



Has the look and features of higher-end lights but not the feel or performance.

This Prologic light is a very basic light but does have a feature that the others on my list do not: an adjustable motion sensor.

In most regards, the Pro Logic light is a very basic and compact light but, thanks to the sensor, does provide some different options.

For example, using it outside the bivvy so that it light the bank slightly when you get a run could be very helpful. You could also use it as a security light since movement will cause it to illuminate the area.

The motion sensor function that can be adjusted to a distance of 3 metres, the delay time can also be adjusted as can the LED strength.

This light isn't heavy on features but is cheap and proves useful in different ways to the other lights I've reviewed.

Pro Logic Bivvy Light


Very cheap

Motion sensors

Adjustable LED power, delay time, and sensor range


Limited features overall

Not rechargeable

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