Bankside Cooking for Carp Anglers

Cooking on the bank is a thing some anglers seem to be very big into while others are not bothered at all. 

Many anglers do not seem at all bothered and get by with a sandwich, cold pasties and for their hot meal nearly always opt for the good old pot noodle.

On the other hand, those that are keen on bankside cooking seem to prepare and serve up some rather elaborate meals. Thus all great and perfectly acceptable if you have the time, space and the room to carry all the kit and ingredients needed. After all, why wouldn't you want a decent meal on a cold February evening?

In my opinion, eating proper meals whilst on the bank is important. If I'm fishing for 3 nights, that's also 4 different days. In this situation, I'm going to want some proper food.

Let's be honest, if you were at home and you were forced to eat pot noodles, sandwiches and cold pasties, I'm going to guess you'd be less than impressed.

So, in this article, I want to take a look at some of the best bankside cooking gear you can take with you. I'll also give you a couple of easy meal ideas to make use of your new pots and pans.

Bankside Cooking Equipment

Bankside Cooking Equipment for Anglers

This little set from trakker includes all you need for a brew and to put together a decent meal: a kettle, frying pan and a saucepan. 

Lightweight compact non stick anodised coating with fold away heatproof handles this little set all packs away into each other with a supplied mesh bag for storage, quite a handy little set up.

Frying pan size: 17.5cm x 3.9cm = 750ml capacity

Large pan size: 17cm x 9.5cm = 1.7ltr capacity

Kettle size: 15.3cm x 6.7cm = 0.9ltr Capacity Weight: 607g

With this set. you get a frying pan, medium saucepan and a 0.9l Heat Transfer Kettle. The aluminium wall of the frying pan and saucepans have been made thicker in order to allow a higher quality non-stick finish to be applied. 

Many companies claim to be non-stick but Fox say theirs are the best you will find in any tackle shop.

The heat transfer kettles are always good as they seem to boil faster and are more efficient.

Ridgemonkey was originally developed as a sandwich toaster because of its shape and could be easily flipped over to evenly cook whatever sandwich you decided to put in it. 

It has recently become one of the most popular pans seen on the bank with anglers cooking a variety of different food in them. 

They are robust, fairly light and have an excellent non stick coating. There is also a utensil option available that fits neatly inside. They are available in 2 sizes the compact and the compact XL.

The combi set from Ridgemonkey is similar in design to the original Ridgemonkey compact pan but it features one half of the pan being divided into 4. 

This is an excellent little upgrade from Ridgemonkey and allows you to cook meals such as a full English breakfast all in the same pan but keeping each item totally separate from another. 

Also great if you are cooking another meal where you like to keep all the different food items separate. 

Although slightly larger, than the Ridgemonkey XL this is still a great piece of kit for the chefs on the bank.

Fishing Stoves

Once you've got your pots and pans to put your ingredients inside, you'll need something to cook them on.

The popular option for bankside cooking is a simple gas stove. Below, are a couple of solid options for a good stove.

This little stove from Trakker is compact, light and folds away very neatly.

It features an oversized pre-heat tube for ultra-efficient gas combustion Piezo-electronic ignition system to base of stove.

The electronic ignition for me is a must as I do tend to forget to take something to light a stove with.

Also, features a wide frame and low center of gravity for optimal support of cookware and increased stability. This is currently my choice of stove and I cannot fault it in any way.

The Coleman unleaded stove is a very compact stove, the burner is very sturdy and stable. In addition, the burner features an integrated windscreen, so the flame can continue to burn well and heat is transferred optimally. 

The burner uses Coleman Fuel and unleaded petrol for a burn time of up to 7 hours and has an 2500 W output of power. 

This is a very cheap and reliable stove to use and run. However, the drawback of petrol stoves is they can be a little messy and smelly. 

Using petrol can also be more dangerous due to its' highly flammable nature.

Dining Sets for Anglers

Below are a couple of handy utensil sets you can use to eat your meals on the bankside.

This is basically all the lone carp angler needs for eating on the bank in style.

The luxury padded case features a wipe clean base and three sided zip access to reveal pockets containing a heat resistant black plate and a set of superb black stainless cutlery. 

Consisting of knife, fork and spoon. Complete with a zipped mesh pocket on the underside of the lid for sachets and condiments. 

A perfect compact dining set for one.

Trakker are renowned for quality in their products and this little set is no exception. A neat and tidy, well-made case consisting of  a tea towel, two square plates, two spoons, two forks, two knives, two full-sized green pots and two 300ml plastic mugs. 

A great little accompaniment to your bankside cooking arrangement, should fit nice and easily into most carryalls.

Simple Banskide Meal Ideas

So what can you cook on the bank, well to be honest the possibilities are endless, to start im going to go with an all time favorite a good old full english i'm sure everyone can rustle one of those up. 

I have had a fair few in the past and my Ridgemonkey XL does a fantastic job of a fry up:

Another simple meal i absolutely love and is dead simple is a chilli and rice, this is extra welcoming on those cold winter evenings. 

I either prepare a chilli before I set off fishing put it in a tupperware type tub then just reheat when i’m ready with a bag of the 2 minute rice you normally put in a microwave. 

Or you can buy the tinned Stagg chilli which are fantastic and very tasty, just need to reheat in the pan the chuck the rice in.

Another simple meal is a stir fry, you can buy them ready prepared from the likes of Asda or any supermarket. 

A great quick tasty meal again that needs barely any preparation; straight in the pan with the uncooked ingredients followed by the rice.

stir fry ingredients
stir fry 2

That's just a couple of ideas that I often go for on a session,. Obviously, there is so much more you can do if you take the time. A lot of ready meals bought from supermarkets are ideal for the bank and are much more enjoyable to eat than a cold pasty or a pot noodle.

Have a look around in the supermarket next time you are there, and do a little experimenting with your bankside cooking. You will feel and fish a lot better if you have had a good meal in you.

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